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20 Yard Roll-off

​90 inches (7.5’) wide by 15 ft long by 78 inches (6.5’) high

Typical Usage: small house/business clean-out, larger shingle tear off, new home construction, building demolition, moving clean-out.

15 Yard Roll-off

90 inches (7.5’) wide by 15 ft long by 51 inches (4.3’) high

Typical Usage: basement or garage clean-out, small shingle tear off, new home construction, small demolition project.

30 and 35 Yard Roll-offs

​30 is 90 inches (7.5’) wide by 15 ft long by 78 inches (6.5’) high

35 is 90 inches (7.5’) wide by 19 ft long by 94 inches (7.8’) high

Typical Usage for a 30 yard: large house/business clean-out/demolition, moving clean-out, farm building clean-out.

Typical Usage for a 35 yard: large house clean-out with furniture (bulky items), large construction/demolition project with sheet rock and insulation.

All boxes have a side opening door on the back end of the box for walk-in use.

Materials can also be easily thrown by hand over the sides of the 15 cu yard box. The larger boxes will require either access through the door opening on the end of the box, or lifted in by loader bucket, or by filling from above, such as roof materials, etc.


Box fee is due at delivery. Our boxes fees are contingent on the box size, and the location of the placement. Contact us for the fee applicable to your location.

Weight charges will be billed after delivery to the county transfer station, though we reserve the right to estimate weights and collect the weight fee in advance, refunding any difference to the customer.

Additional fees will be charged for appliances/electronics, tires, and fluorescent bulbs-as the transfer station also charges extra fees for these materials. These materials must be placed at the door end of the roll-off box and not mixed in with other materials.

No hazardous wastes or oil may be placed in the roll-off box. Prior permission must be granted for paint cans.

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